Pre-Contract Services

Overview of Service

Achieve clarity and protect your budget from the outset. Our comprehensive pre-contract services include detailed cost planning, feasibility analysis, tender preparation, and contract support. We'll work collaboratively to ensure your project begins with accurate data and a solid financial foundation.

QS Support team members offering Quantity Surveying, Pre-Contract services.

High Level and Detailed Cost Plans

Our High Level and Detailed Cost Plans are meticulously crafted by our experienced team of Quantity Surveyors, ensuring precision and reliability in every estimate. Our Cost Plans are designed to be delivered within a matter of days, empowering you to move swiftly through the planning phase. We understand the importance of budget considerations in your projects. Our cost-effective services allow you to provide your clients with accurate projected costs without breaking the bank.


Tender Process

Our team will compile an Invitation to Tender Pack, which will generally consist of the Design Teams drawings, specifications, and employers requirements. We will then include a suitable set or prelims and preambles, form of tender, and any other such documentation required for the tendering process. We can manage the tendering process, answer any questions during the tender period, arrange site meetings, and provide a full report and analysis of the tenders received for the client, and of course final recommendations for appointment.


Contract and Appointment

Once the client is satisfied with the chosen Contractor, QS Support Limited can arrange a pre-start meeting between the parties and then look to move to a formal binding contract, whether that’s a JCT Form of Contract, or other. This will be drafted for both parties to agree and then executed for signature prior to contract works commencement.

QS Support team members offering Quantity Surveying, Pre-Contract services.

Aspects of

Pre-Contract Services

Our expertise covers a wide range of services to support your project goals. Here are some of the key areas where we can provide tailored solutions:


High level cost plans


Detailed cost plans


Feasibility studies


Invitation to tender


Tender procurement


Tender reporting and analysis



QS Support have been a regular partner of ours for many, many years. They have always delivered high-quality work with the end goal in sight. We noticed that many companies in their sector forget that the Cost Plans and Build Quantities need to be tangible to today’s valuations! We highly recommend working with this amazing team.

James Collinson – Design Spec

QS Support team members offering Quantity Surveying services on site.

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We are now offering the opportunity to subscribe to a yearly membership with us. Benefit from year-round access to expert quantity surveying support and insightful guidance, all designed to empower confident decision-making and project success.

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