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Annual Membership

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Construction projects can encounter unforeseen challenges


Cost overruns

Unplanned expenses eat away at your budget, making it difficult to achieve your original goals and potentially jeopardizing profitability.


Schedule delays

Unexpected hold-ups and setbacks can push your completion date further back, leading to additional costs, missed deadlines, and a negative impact on your project's overall timeline.


Informational gaps

Incomplete or outdated information can lead to miscalculations in estimations, incorrect procurement, and overall project risk. This can result in budget issues, time delays, or poor decision-making.


Stress and uncertainty

Construction projects are complex. Navigating unforeseen challenges without expert support can lead to overwhelming stress and uncertainty about your project's progress and its chances of success.

QS Support Annual Membership

We are now offering the opportunity to subscribe to a yearly membership with us. Benefit from year-round access to expert quantity surveying support and insightful guidance, all designed to empower confident decision-making and project success.

The benefits of your membership, includes the following exclusive advantages.

Annual membership fee

£495 + VAT

QS Support team members offering Quantity Surveying services on site.
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    Up to 60 minutes per month of direct advice by email or phone with our Director on any contractual or commercial matter you would like to discuss

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    Monthly newsletter

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    10% discount on any resulting fee work quoted and accepted on orders over £500 + VAT

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    Networking opportunities

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    Future procurement opportunities and leads

Our initial introduction to ‘Q.S Support’ was, admittedly, borne out of almost total frustration and disillusionment with the supposed ‘professional’ sector of our industry.
12 Years later we can confidently say that Q.S Support has proven to be an enormously beneficial asset to us whilst, also, becoming an important and integral part of our organisation.

Trevor Read – Merlon UK

We believe successful projects are built on strong partnerships. Our goal is to be your trusted advisor, guiding you through every stage of construction with transparency and open communication.

Paul Greengrass


Schedule a meeting with me to delve deeper into your project’s specific needs and goals. I’ll provide tailored advice and we can explore how our entire suite of services can be strategically applied to maximise your project’s success. With my extensive experience and industry knowledge, I’m confident we can develop a proactive plan that gets you where you need to be.

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